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Punch Knight is a Megadrive/Genesis inspired 2D platformer, derived from my childhood favorites of Sonic, Rocket Knight, Streets of Rage and so on.

You play as Punch Knight, armed with his rocket powered Grapple Gauntlet, you can zip line and punch your way through the level!

In this Early Access Demo you can play through the first half of the first level, get an idea of how the game plays and an introduction to the story.  Many things still need to be implemented, such as some animations, music and various sound effects, but enough is here for you to play and hopefully enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE: When you get to the 3rd flag you'll receive an error message. It's fine, that's normal (for now) there is nothing after that flag in the demo, but I will update the demo later without that error.


Left and Right Arrow buttons: Move Left and Right respectively.

Down: Crouch

Up: Look/Aim 

Space: Jump

'X': Punch 

Use Grapple Boxes (Yellow floating boxes) to zip line to new areas and progress through the level.


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Punch Knight Demo.exe 3 MB

Development log


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I really enjoyed it although I got stuck in a block and couldn't continue. It really reminded me of rocket knight.

Glad you liked it buddy! Yeah, huge fan of Rocket Knight back in the day, still have my original cartridge!

Cheers for the feedback! I'll check out what's happening and sort out the bug :)

Pretty neat game, got an error hitting the 3rd flag though:

action number 1
of  Step Event
for object obj_end:

Moving to next room after the last room.

Ah, thanks buddy. Luckly there isn't anything after that flag, but will corect it soon :)