Update #0

Greetings, fellow knights of punchary!

Hopefully this little demo isn't riddled with bugs or anything but there is enough for you to enjoy and experience what the game will have to offer and I hope you enjoy it!

Right now, the demo is only for PC but I'm hoping that the full final feature will also be available for Mac and I now have the means to do so, it's just a question of time. There's a lot of optimization involved for different platforms and I want to do my best that both are equal in every way possible!

Still some sound effects, animations and the music to fill in, but that's on my forever growing to do list. If you spot something that's out of the ordinary I'd love to hear from you to fix it.

More updates to follow, but until next time, stay awesome!



Punch Knight Demo.exe 3 MB
Nov 01, 2017

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